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Our teachers love to keep you updated with personalised stories, images and weekly plans via our parent portal app. Recieve announcements, comment, upload images and communicate with teachers and parents easily on your own personal page. Each of our parents will be invited to download and accept an invitation once their child is enrolled.

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Upcoming Events


Sunday 26th: Bracken Ridge Open Day (All Families Invited)


Tuesday 4th: Green Group Library Visit
Friday 7th: Gold Group Library Visit


Beginning 7th: NAIDOC Week


Sunday 4th: Family Fun Day
Monday 19th: Book Week
Wednesday 28th: Green Group Father’s Day Event
Friday 30th: Gold Group Father’s Day Event


Tuesday 3rd: Child Protection Week
Tuesday 10th:
Green Group Tooth Fairy Show
Thursday 12th:
Gold Group Tooth Fairy Show


Saturday 12th: Orientation Day
Friday 25th:
Day for Daniel
Monday 28th:
Green Group Grandparents Day
Wednesday 30th:
Gold Group Grandparents Day
Thursday 31st:
Playdate for 2025 Children


Wednesday 13th: Playdate for 2025 Children
Tuesday 26th:
Green Group Farewell
Friday 29th:
Gold Group Farewell

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Our kindergarten is located in the heart of Bracken Ridge and enjoys residence on a quiet street with plenty of parking for pick up and drop off.

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