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Your Path To Enrolment

At Bracken Ridge Community Kindergarten, we’re not just preparing children for primary school—we’re nurturing confident, caring, and effective learners, laying the foundation for lifelong success in a safe, welcoming environment.”

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Submit your interest by submitting the waitlist for for each individual child. You can nominate which group or days you prefer and we will do our best to match your preference.

Intake Begins

Usually before October, our teachers will contact you to confirm a position available in one of our kindy groups. This will get the ball rolling for enrolment paperwork.

Play Dates

You will be invited to a group orientation morning in which you can expore the kindgergarten, get to know the teachers and have your little one play and socialise with others.

Parent-Teacher Interview

Once you have confirmed your enrolment we will book in a time to meet with your teacher in the chosen kindy class. This is an opportunity for our staff to meet you and your child personally, set goals and alleviate any concerns.

Kindy Commences

Bracken Ridge Kindergarten operates in line with the QLD school calendar. In 2025, your child's first day begins on Tuesday 28th of January and continues for a 10 week term. You will be given an outline of what you need to bring for each kindy week prior to commencement. This will help set the pattern for each drop off and create stability and responsibility that will span well into your child's primary years!

Take a look ahead

2025 Kindergarten Snapshot

Our community kindergarten aligns with the QLD state education calendar. This means our kindy is closed during the normal school holiday terms of state schooling. Our teachers will make sure to keep you updated as the holidays approach!

Green Group

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday's

Gold Group

Thursday & Friday's

*In 2025, it is anticipated that we will be offering a short day program and a long day program

(subject to Lady Gowrie calendar and our enrolment requirements). 

Queensland School Terms

Term 1
: Tuesday 28 January to Friday 4 April—10 weeks

Term 2: Tuesday 22 April to Friday 27 June—10 weeks

Term 3: Monday 14 July to Friday 19 September—10 weeks

Term 4: Tuesday 7 October to Friday 12 December—10 weeks

Queensland School Holidays (Kindy Closed)

Term 1: Saturday 5 April to Monday 21 April—17 days

Term 2: Saturday 28 June to Sunday 13 July—16 days

Term 3: Saturday 20 September to Monday 6 October—17 days

Term 4: Saturday 13 December to Monday 26 January 2026—45 days